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Our Mission

Originally, we created “Incredible Edible Trees,” Christmas trees trimmed with dog biscuits, as holiday gifts for friends who had dogs, veterinarians, groomers and shelters. As the recipients began incorporating the trees into whatever décor they had, more and more people started asking where they could buy one. The following holiday season, we started making trees to sell. From those trees, the company began to design and produce other dog gift products.

Then Hurricane Katrina roared into the Gulf Coast on Monday morning, August 29, 2005. Along with millions of Americans, we watched the devastation, and people and pets suffering in ways we could not imagine. So many had lost homes and had no place to go, and as both people and animals struggled to survive, Maverick Creative decided to raise funds to help with the relief effort.

During the 2005 holiday season, we employed survivors of Hurricane Katrina to put together the Incredible Edible Trees and gave profits back to help shelters that took in Katrina animals.

When major natural disasters occur, Maverick Creative goes into action to help. We design a new product, place it in an online store and donate proceeds to help both human and pet survivors. Our latest effort is to help Hurricane Sandy survivors through

It takes disasters of an overwhelming scale to bring national attention to the never-ending need to help the less fortunate. The goal of and Maverick Creative is to raise and maintain awareness of the constant support needed for community and animal shelters throughout the United States, and to contribute directly to those efforts.

Animals need their owners and vice versa. So when natural disaster strikes, we strive to help both the people and the pets that are affected.

Maverick Creative Inc. and were created to make your dog know he or she is truly a member of the family. That’s still our focus. But we also strongly believe God expects us to give back to help those in need, be they human or canine.

Trish Kiesewetter
Founder & President
Maverick Creative Inc